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What are they talking about? With so many acronyms flying about, having a LEGO term glossary like this one will help you decipher the SNOT from the SNIR. The number of acronyms being thrown about, isn’t quite as much as in the tech world, but it’s close!
Enjoy and if you think we’ve missed any key words, please shout out.

  • Clone

    Brands that are not genuine LEGO and often will promote compatability with LEGO. We bought a clone set once. It's in the bin now. Do yourself a favour and only buy the best. We have LEGO from 1990 that still fits as perfectly now as it did then.
  • Clutch Power

    Clutch power refers to the ability of lego bricks to attach (and stay attached) to each other. The fine tolerances that LEGO bricks are built to ensure the clutch power stays strong for a long time. Oh, and it's also the name of the hero in the original LEGO movies - Clutch Powers
  • Cuusoo

    Now known as LEGO Ideas. Cuusoo was the original name for LEGO Ideas.