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What are they talking about? With so many acronyms flying about, having a LEGO term glossary like this one will help you decipher the SNOT from the SNIR. The number of acronyms being thrown about, isn’t quite as much as in the tech world, but it’s close!
Enjoy and if you think we’ve missed any key words, please shout out.

  • G.O.A.T.

    The Greatest Of All Time. Just like basketball fans debate if it's Michael Jordan or Lebron James, we debate our favourite sets of all time too. For this site, our G.O.A.T.S are limited to the sets we own. There are definitely a huge amount of sets we don't own that could definitely fall into this category!
  • GBC

    Great Ball Contraption - The GBC is a machine made out of LEGO parts that moves a small ball. Multiple GBC's may be linked together to create a circuit. A great example was on display at the Melbourne Brickvention 2020.
  • Greeble

    A prominent addition to the surface of an object, mainly used to increase visual appeal. Often Greebling will be used in and on spaceships to help increase realism.