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What are they talking about? With so many acronyms flying about, having a LEGO term glossary like this one will help you decipher the SNOT from the SNIR. The number of acronyms being thrown about, isn’t quite as much as in the tech world, but it’s close!
Enjoy and if you think we’ve missed any key words, please shout out.

  • LCP

    Lego Certified Professionals. LCP's are are people who don't work for LEGO but build fantastic creations. Their builds are of such high quality that they are officially recognised by LEGO. Fellow Australian LEGO fans will have heard of our very own LCP - Ryan McNaught. Ryan is also better know as Brickman as seen on the hit TV Show - Lego Masters.
  • LEGO

    The name of our favourite brand. It comes from the Danish words "leg godt" which means to "play well".
  • LEGOs

    Sometimes used incorrectly as the plural for LEGO. It's definitely a no-no. Anytime you need to refer to more than one LEGO part you should say LEGO Things. For example LEGO bricks. Here's a great video from the Velcro brand about why great global brands don't want you to use their brand names as a noun or verb. If you want to have Oscar RAGE and hunt you down, then be sure to use "LEGOs" when referring to LEGO sets.  
  • Licensed Theme

    These sets are sub-themes of LEGO based on other well known brands. They are designed in close collaboration with the teams at each licensee company. Some common examples include Star Wars, Disney, Minecraft, Harry Potter and the Simpsons. We can't pick a favourite? It's like asking who's your favourite child? We love all of them equally... ... OK, it's Star Wars. No... Disney. No...  Minecraft.
  • LUG

    LEGO User Group - These are local groups that share the love of LEGO. There are currently 347 globally, and you can find your local one on the Recognized Community Locations LEGO page.
  • LUG

    LEGO User Group - A LUG is a group of like minded LEGO fans who usually are in the same region and can meet frequently to share their love of LEGO.