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What are they talking about? With so many acronyms flying about, having a LEGO term glossary like this one will help you decipher the SNOT from the SNIR. The number of acronyms being thrown about, isn’t quite as much as in the tech world, but it’s close!
Enjoy and if you think we’ve missed any key words, please shout out.

  • Microfig

    These are single stud characters often used LEGO games. They are much smaller than a minifig at 1 x 1 x 2 with a single stud on their head.  
  • MOC

    My Own Creation - MOC's are designs built by LEGO enthusiasts rather than specific sets released by the LEGO Group. You can submit your MOC to LEGO for inclusion into the IDEAS range. If you get enough public support it might even be put into production for fans to buy.
  • MSRP

    Manufacturer's Recommended Selling Price - The price that LEGO recommends retailers sell each set for.