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What are they talking about? With so many acronyms flying about, having a LEGO term glossary like this one will help you decipher the SNOT from the SNIR. The number of acronyms being thrown about, isn’t quite as much as in the tech world, but it’s close!
Enjoy and if you think we’ve missed any key words, please shout out.

  • Part

    Each LEGO shape is classified as a part. Two seperate pieces with the same shape but different colours are considered the same Part. If you look really closely the Part number is generally stamped on each LEGO piece somewhere. It's pretty small, but in good light, it's usually visible with the naked eye. When two Parts are the same but different colours, they are each considered a unique Element.
  • Purist

    A builder who only uses official LEGO parts to build their creations. For example, no 3D printed elements, no altered parts etc.