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As we review the sets, we like to give the minifig’s names. I mean, imagine just saying “hey You!” to everyone all the time…
It would descend into chaos!

BillI loved this cameraman and how his camera was designed. He just graduated from Lego City College60233CityDonut Shop Opening
BrendaThis news reporter had some very peculiar hair. 60233CityDonut Shop Opening
Duke DetainThis policeman had some very cool details on his torso. It looks like a SWAT uniform. The set already named him.60233CityDonut Shop Opening
Joanne60233CityDonut Shop Opening
Little Timmy60233CityDonut Shop Opening
Mike60233CityDonut Shop Opening
Beardo the Crook60233CityDonut Shop Opening
LuigiThe taxi driver60233CityDonut Shop Opening
JohanThe mighty blacksmith21325IdeasMedieval Blacksmith
Arthur21325IdeasMedieval Blacksmith
Marion21325IdeasMedieval Blacksmith
Olympia21325IdeasMedieval Blacksmith