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3d Printed LEGO Sorter

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EDIT: If you’re still interested in 3D printing your own lego sorter, head to Version 2 – a new and improved design.

Sorting LEGO is something that we all need to do from time to time. Do we like it, not really, but it certainly makes building our creations a tonne easier!
Before we sort into smaller categories, we like to sort into relatively broad categories and use 6 different types: Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small, Very Small and Tiny.

We have one of the LEGO sorting heads, and this is pretty good, however given the amount of LEGO we seem to keep accumulating, I was hoping for something faster. This is a GREAT problem to have. 😉

For the large storage buckets we use the ikea Samla 5L and 11L tubs. They are see through, stack easily and pretty cost effective. As huge fans of 3D Printing, we created a few alternatives for people to use depending on what they have at home. They are all stackable so won’t fall off each other when you are shaking it all about.

Option 1 and 2 can be printed on any 3D printer with a print bed of at least 25 x 21cm. Option 3 needs a larger print bed of ~30cm x 25cm.

Option 1

Option 1 is Entirely standalone and can be used without any ikea tubs.

As can be seen on the right, the bottom Tiny tub is solid and collects all the small units. This option is great if you don’t want to use the Ikea tubs.

This option takes about 90 hours to print and will cost ~$27 in 3D printer filament.

Option 2

Fits straight on top of the Ikea Samla 5L tub.

This option is probably the best option for most people with a “standard” 3D printer. The trays can all be printed easily and the bottom Tiny tray is not needed as the Samla 5L tub catches the tiny pieces.

This option takes about 76 hours to print and will cost ~$22 in 3D printer filament.

Option 3

Option 3 fits straight on top of the Ikea Samla 11L tub.
Note that this option will require a large format printer. In my case, I’m using an Artillery X1 which has a larger print bed.

You will also need to print 4 of the support legs. These are mounted to the Very Small (11L) sorting piece using 4 x M5 10mm Hex screws and 4 x M5 Hex Nuts.

This option takes about 80 hours to print and will cost ~$24 in 3D printer filament.

Okay – Where can i Download it?

To download the files and start your printing, just head on over to Printables or Thingiverse, download the files and get going!

We hope you enjoy this and getting your collection under control!

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