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Brickit – Machine Learning LEGO App

Ever wanted to take a picture of your LEGO bricks and then find out what you can build? Well now you can!
While randomly scrolling the internet we came across a brand new app call BrickIt available on IOS that lets you do just that. I was dubious that it was just a proof of concept at first, but after downloading, I was pleasantly suprised.

The team have done an amazing job with this app. For those involved in any type of machine learning, it can be quite complex to solve many of the challenges present. As humans, it’s pretty easy for us to determine the difference between a 2 x 4 brick and a 2 x 4 plate, but from a single photo, it’s can be quite a challenge for a machine. Imagine you are looking at the brick from the top down, they look exactly the same. As we have two eyes (unless you are a pirate), then you get stereoscopic vision which helps, but a single cam on IOS doesn’t get that benefit.

I could bang on for ages about the challenges, and how to fix them but check out the app in action below. You can also download your own copy in the Apple app store. It’s not perfect, but it is an amazing example of what can be done with machine learning. The team already look to be iterating quickly and improving. It’s likely that they will also be taking the images users capture to further train the computer model so it gets better and better.

If you want to teach yourself more about Machine Learning, AI and Computer Vision, I also highly recommend the great courses and books from PyImageSearch. Adrian and the team provide a huge amount of free content, but the paid content is amazing to get you deep into practical machine learning output.

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