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Bricktober 2022 This Weekend!

Are you looking for something awesome to do this weekend with the kids? Or what about without the kids? In either case, you’re in luck if you’re in Perth, Western Australia. The annual Bricktober event is on showcasing some of Perth’s best LEGO builders!

Held at the Curtin University, there’s more than 3 basketball courts of LEGO display’s on show. It’s Oscar’s second year displaying his builds in the Junior category with his friend Caden. Their build is fantastic and will join many other amazing works. I can confirm I am not at all biased in my judgement!

Last year’s Arch Illager MOC is still one of my favourite of Oscar’s builds!

We’ll update this page with some images of builds after the event, but there’s nothing like seeing it in person. <Edit: Scroll down to see some of the amazing builds!>

Head over to the Bricktober page to get tickets. For $15 per person, or $45 for a family of 4, it’s a must do event if you even remotely like LEGO. And even if you don’t it’s worth the price of admission to see the artworks people create out of this magical little plastic brick.

“But, I haven’t heard you talk about your friends at Zavvi on this post yet Adam?”
That’s true, and I’m glad you asked. šŸ™‚

The event is hosted by the great folks at Ascot Rotary, but never fear, our friends at Zavvi did indeed provide some fantastic sets that you can win! Keep your eyes open at the event for some raffle tickets to put you in the draw AND raise money for a great cause as well!

Edit: We’ll that was AMAZING! Click any of the images below to see a high res version of the build from some fantastic LEGO builders!

11 thoughts on “Bricktober 2022 This Weekend!”

  1. My favourite hands down was baby Yoda painting! Iā€™m volunteering all weekend and every time I walk past I feel inspired! I even have my baby Yoda shirt on for today! Ps Iā€™m 55 years old! Never too old!

  2. The Great Ball Contraption is amazing!! I love how all the mechanism work and the physics involve. Plus it is just plan cool!

  3. Such fantastic builds all round! The pop art mural was such a unique take on Lego, it was a hard to go past – but ultimately I had to go for the Battle over Bricksburg – Iā€™m a sucker for giant monster fights šŸ˜†

  4. For me it was the Haunted House. The Winter Wonder Land was an amazing group build and of course how could you not love Baby Groot playing the Fender guitar. Another great show by everyone involved and looking forward to next year’s.

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