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CORNER Museum Review (MOC)

Today we review the 2023 Corner Museum Modular set!
Just joking, it’s not an official set, but we had a great time building it. So what better way to kick off the new year, than by reviewing it.

Like most LEGO fans, as December approaches, we reviewed our collection and started thinking about how to get more space. One of the sets that looks great, but takes up a lot of space is the Tower Bridge (10214). Trawling the net, we came us across this amazing rebrickable re-design that uses the parts in that set to build a Modular Corner Museum. For $20 USD, you can download the full set of instructions and follow the build just like a normal LEGO set.

I’m a huge fan of the Modular’s and this looked pretty amazing. I’m also a huge tightwad, so it took about a week to pull the trigger on the purchase, but in the end, the appeal of freeing up some space won me over. Once paid, the PDF file is sent to you immediately.

Alas, the first step was to lay out all the pieces. No numbered bags for this build! You don’t realise just how many pieces were in the original set until they are laid out like this. It’s a pretty hefty pile.

Like most modulars, this set is built in three layers, each of which can be removed. The original set has a huge amount of small tiles, and these are used well on the ground floor. You can see already that it’s quite visually pleasing.

It’s at this point that I realise all those who say sorting the LEGO bricks is the fun part are utterly crazy!

At the rear of the ground floor is a bakery with a coffee machine, commercial fridge, pastries and cakes. Just behind the cake you can see a really simple, but effective set of tongs to pick up the cakes.
As this set was built entirely with the parts from the Tower Bridge, it was a little tedious laying the walls using so many plates. However they do look fantastic in the end.

Once the lower floor is finished, you can see just how much detail has gone into the facade. I particularly liked the diamand motif’s and the pastry over the door.

The upper floor has two exhibits, a T-Rex and a pterodactyl. The way these have both been built is amazing and a great example of NPU.
During the build, if you don’t look forward, you literally have no idea what you’re building until you see them take shape at the end. It’s great!

The exterior of level 2 not only matches the ground floor, but takes it up a notch! Since this image Oscar has rebuilt the flag as the offset is triggering him. Other than this, it’s really ornate and very pleasing to look at.

We finish the final exhibits with the Sphinx microscale model from Egpyt and some Moai Heads from Easter Island. I’ve said it above, but this is another great example of NPU.

This image shows the awning in the build. I was really impressed so I called Oscar over and showed him as it’s a fantasic design. He too thought it was great. So it has a 100% approval rate from our scientific survey with a sample size of 2.

The rest of the roof is pretty plain with the exception of the main centre piece which looks great.

Overall Thoughts

Both Oscar and I were really impressed by this build. It’s a testament to the amazing design skills of creator InyongBricks. For us it also freed up some valuable display space, while also letting us expand our modular city. A double win!

If we compare this build to a traditional LEGO modular set, there’s certainly some areas that are a little more unstable. Perhaps some areas are a little less polished such as using plates instead of tiles. However, for what it is, a new build from a completely unrelated set, it is fantastic. The instrucitons provided are very clear and easy to follow. Again, not exactly the same quality as the LEGO group, but pretty close considering the tools InyongBricks had to work with.

Set: Corner Museum
Theme: MOC
Set #: MOC
Number of Minifigs: 0
Number of Pieces: 3226

Overall: 85%

Chasing room in our LEGO display, we came across the Corner Museum Modular MOC on Rebrickable. Is it as good as it looks?

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  1. I am 2/3 of the way through this build but had to stop due to work getting in the way. I am now inspired to finish it 🙂

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