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Dubai Review (21052)

Hello again fans of LEGO! Today I am reviewing the LEGO Architecture Dubai Skyline Set. I hope you enjoy it!

I have enjoyed these sets in the past so was looking forward to making this one, it looked really cool and I hoped it could fit with my other skyline sets.

The first packets start with the base that all LEGO architecture sets come with as it is the part all the buildings go on. It started off with the Jumeirah Emirates Towers (yes, I had to look at the instruction booklet to find the spelling). That reminds me, the instructions in architecture are really cool because at the start they show you real information and images about the buildings you are making in real life. There are also facts on random pages and it’s really interesting comparing how the designers make the tiny builds so accurate and identical to the real thing with such a small amount of pieces yada yada yada yada, ANYWAYS BACK TO THE TOPIC)

The towers were really interesting as they were actually built sideways and then clipped into the baseplate which gave them more stability than being built upwards. In front of them was this small thing with 2 gold bricks that couldn’t be identified by me or my dad. After a look on Google Maps I decided that it was probably the monorail station/track.

The next part was the Dubai frame and the fountain. And believe it or not, the name says it all. I think altogether both of them only used under 20 parts, the frame was only 3 pieces! The best part though, was that around it there were mini palm trees. These really added some scale and green to the build.

It also started building the Burj Al Arab. In my opinion this is one of the coolest places in Dubai (even though I haven’t been) because the whole island that it’s built on is artificial! That’s one of the things that amazing about Dubai. It was literally a desert with NOTHING and now it’s one of the most amazing cities in the world. They built everything from scratch, even all the water!

The Burj Al Arab and the LEGO version looked super similar when they were done and I really liked the resemblance. The pack moved onto the arguably most famous building in Dubai, and the tallest in the world. The Burj Khalifa!
It started off with 3 parts.

You built them up and then slid then together using a LEGO Technic rod. You would slowly build the parts separately and then you would click them on until the build was done. It was sort of cool and felt like you were actually constructing the building.

I would have to write an essay just to make this paragraph fill the space because it’s so tall!

The only bad thing about the Burj Khalifa is that there were more light blue transparent 1×1 circle studs than the states in the Holy Roman Empire (I’m the only one laughing at this because i’m a history nerd lol. Here’s a really good reddit meme to help you understand!) Anyway it was a cool building and looked really cool when it was finished, but the Burj Khalifa was a real pain to build and was pretty repetitive.

Overall Thoughts

After clicking on the Burj Khalifa the set was done. Besides being waaaaaaaaay too tall to fit in my bed cabinet where I have my other skyline sets, it looked really cool. This was a great set and Dubai contains some amazing landmarks. Hope you enjoyed the review!

Set: Dubai
Theme: Architecture
Set #: 21052
Number of Minifigs: 0
Number of Pieces: 740
RRP: $79.99

Overall: 80%

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