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Freo Builds Trail Event

This school holidays, the City of Fremantle is holding a fantastic free LEGO event – the Freo Builds trail!

Between the 4th and 17th July, you can roam around Freo and check out fantastic Fremantle Landmarks, re-created in LEGO but with a twist. These aren’t just any normal landmarks, but instead re-imagined by primary school children. Not only that, you can get a free LEGO toy at the end and have the chance to win even more prizes!

Oscar and I are fortunate enough to be a part of this great event and were given the challenge to build’s Dylan’s re-creation of the iconic Fremantle Lighthouse – but this time on the move with a junior lighthouse in tow!

Mission Accepted! Perhaps surprisingly this was my first MOC but Oscar’s done plenty so we were in good hands. After scrounging through our collection, we quickly decided that being a rainbow warrior and using lots of random colours wouldn’t do. A quick jump online to a local Bricklink seller and our parts were on their way… and on their way… and on their way…

Alas they were stuck in the quagmire that can be Australia Post at the moment and it took 9 days to get 11km’s across Perth. For those playing at home, that’s 1.2km’s per day. Luckily the sellers – Ali’s Bricks and Bitz were fantastic and let me organise local pickup for a new order so we could get building ASAP. However, it wasn’t all good news. Like all great online stores, you go for a litre of milk and come away with a shopping cart of goodies. Ok, I’m lying. This is a great problem to have! Who doesn’t like expanding their collection a little more?

After a few false starts, we got cracking and were really enjoying the process. As the novice, Oscar had little expectations around my skill level. It was extremely enjoying to hear him say “You know, you’re not nearly as rubbish as I had expected!”. Haha. I knew I had more use than just a LEGO sorter!!

You can see the results below, but we won’t spoil the details with high res pics until after the event finishes. There’s quite a few little Easter Eggs for you to spot in person. Plus there are 5 more fantastic builds on the trail. Did we mention you also can get a free LEGO set?

Exactly! What are you doing still here? Get on over to the Freo Builds site and book your free tickets now! You do need a child under 12 for your free toy, but that’s what we all had kids for right? …. right?

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