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Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 Preview (76404)

With 5 awesome new LEGO Advent Calendars released this year, we’re opening them early to give you a sneak peek. Plus two lucky readers will win the Advent Calendar of their choice thanks to our friends at Zavvi! Click here to enter!

SPOILER ALERT – If you keep on scrolling, you will see the entire set, so leave now if you’d like to keep it a surprise!





I see you are still here. In that case, here we go! This year’s theme had a lot of well known Harry Potter landmarks, but in micro scale. I really dig it!
With 7 minifigs, Hedgwig and a brand new game to play at the end, this set is a great addition to the LEGO Advent series.

Day 1 – Ollivander’s

Day 2 – Quidditch Hoops

Day 3 – Harry Potter

Look closely and you can see Harry’s scar!

Day 4 – Whomping Willow

One of my favourites in this set. So simple but immediately recognisable.

Day 5 – Chamber of Secrets

In hindsight, this photo should have been on an angle. But for now, you can also substitute it as an elephant in your collection…

Day 6 – Moaning Myrtle

Day 7 – Knight Bus and Lamp

Day 8 – Dementors and Trees

… I am your Father!

Day 9 – Sirius Black with Azkaban Plaque

Day 10 – Goblet of Fire and Parchment Paper

Day 11 – Triwizard Cup

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test!

Day 12 – Lord Voldemort

Day 13 – Room of Requirement

Day 14 – Hall of Prophecies

Day 15 – Nymphadora Tonks

In a very surprising turn of events, for us, Day 15 actually had Neville Longbottom with Sword of Gryffindor (Day 24). So we had two Longbottom’s (insert childish giggles). Luckily LEGO’s amazing customer service was quickly on the case and is sending us Nymphadora Tonks soon.

Day 16 – Armchair Horace

Day 17 – Pensieve

Day 18 – Severus Snape

Day 19 – Hagrid’s Motorcycle

0-124mph in 2.1 seconds..

Day 20 – The Burrow

Day 21 – Hedwig and Game Spinner

Day 22 – Gringotts Bank with Dragon

Day 23 – Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 3/4

The train you should get while you’re saving for the Hogwarts Express™ – Collectors’ Edition 🙂

Day 24 – Neville Longbottom with Sword of Gryffindor

An epic sword, and luckily we got two!

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Don’t forget to check out our giveaway so you could win your favourite LEGO Advent Calendar!

If you don’t want to chance it and want to buy the set, Zavvi has your back – Click here to order.

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 Preview (76404)”

  1. The micro builds always amaze me. How much a minimal small design can convey exactly what the bigger object would be like

  2. Thanks for this preview, so helping for the mini buildings that I havent recognize at first sight.
    Looking for the same article about the Star Wars 2022 calendar, do you plan to make one ?

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