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Hoth AT-ST Review (75322)

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be marching into the LEGO Star Wars Hoth AT-ST! Hope you enjoy this review!

Since I’m a mega fan of Star Wars, and I don’t have a LEGO AT-ST, I was extremely excited for this build, one of my friends got it for their birthday and it looked really cool. The set begins with the probe droid and one of the minifigures. The probe droid was something LEGO didn’t need to include in the set, but I personally think it’s a great addition. The design of it is pretty accurate for its size and it’s held up by a transparent pole.

The minifigures are built one at a time with each pack, but I’ll go through them all now since it’s much, much easier. Unless you count the probe droid, there are 3 minifigures, Chewbacca, a rebel trooper, and an AT-ST driver. The rebel trooper comes with a new design to the old ones (eg: In the UCS Hoth Base set) and the AT-ST driver is a unique minifigure, but by far the coolest one is Chewbacca. He has normal printing, except there are little snow bits on his fur, which looks insanely cool. It’s a great attention to detail by the designers, as this is what Chewbacca would look like on a snowy planet.

I’m not going to go through the packs today, cause it’s much easier to explain the set when you are talking about the whole thing. The AT-ST has two main parts, the cabin, and the legs. The legs are pretty long (like the real thing) and have big feet which stop the whole thing from falling over. Unfortunately, you couldn’t pose the legs and they barely moved, which was really annoying. Having the legs not move removes a fair bit of playability.

Moving on, by using some technic rods and gears, there is a mechanism inside the base the legs attach to that turns the cockpit. Since the cockpit and the main gun are attached to each other, this enables you to aim the gun side to side. You can even do a full 360 rotation of the cabin! You can also move the main gun up and down, but you have to use your finger to do this.

The last part of the set is the armour that makes up the walls of the cabin. The front armour for the cabin is really interesting because on one side it has the front armour but on the opposite side are the control for the driver inside. Under the front armour there are also 2 spring loaded shooters that can be launched by pushing 2 rods at the back! The top roof has a hatch that can open like in the movies, but the whole roof can also open up for increased playability.

The side armour is the same on both sides, except each side is just the other side flipped. The only other difference is the weapons on each cheek. On the left check is a concussion grenade launcher (unfortunately it doesn’t shoot since it’s too small) and on the right cheek is another blaster cannon that can be posed up or down.

Overall Thoughts

After you place on the roof the set is done! It is pretty quick build, but it includes a ton of awesome features and minifigures, my favourite still being Chewbacca. This was a great set and I definitely recommend it for any LEGO Star Wars fan! Hope you enjoyed this review!

Set: Hoth AT-ST
Theme: Star Wars
Set #: 75322
Number of Minifigs: 3
Number of Pieces: 586
RRP: $79.99

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Check them out for some great deals on LEGO sets.

Overall: 84%


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