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LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022 Preview (60352)

With 5 awesome new LEGO Advent Calendars released this year, we’re opening them early to give you a sneak peek. Plus two lucky readers will win the Advent Calendar of their choice thanks to our friends at Zavvi! Click here to enter!

SPOILER ALERT – If you keep on scrolling, you will see the entire set, so leave now if you’d like to keep it a surprise!





I see you’ve chosen the path of discovery!
This set has 6 City themed minifigs to support the small City micro-builds. At the end, you can play for a little bit with the scenery paper background, but it’s a little limited in swooshability. However, that’s not what these sets are about. It’s really the joy of opening each section each day!

Day 1 – Toy Airplane

If this jet doesn’t have vertical take off and landing, then I’ll eat my virtual hat!

Day 2 – Billy with Letter

A letter for Santa. No doubt asking for more LEGO like in the Casa de Bricks household

Day 3 – Mailbox

Look closely and you can see Harry’s scar!

Day 4 – Piano and Cat

Day 5 – Toy Train

An awesome reference to the Express Passenger Train

Day 6 – Tippy with Cookie

Day 7 – Cookie Stand

Day 8 – Cake Stand

Two slices for me, thanks!

Day 9 – Birdhouse

Day 10 – Raze with Broom

Day 11 – Santa’s Cart

The Great Zamboni rides again!

Day 12 – Ice Skates and Snowman

Day 13 – Festive Nest with Chicken and Egg

Day 14 – Maddy with Lantern

Exactly how we feel when playing in the snow.

Day 15 – Scarecrow

Day 16 – Checkerboard

Always start in the centre… Always!

Day 17 – Christmas Tree

Day 18 – Rocking Horse and Toy Rocket

Day 19 – Mr. Produce with Apple

Can’t beat a moustache like this! If I could grow one, without a doubt I would.

Day 20 – Campfire and Marshmallows

Toasted Marshmallows. Superb.

Day 21 – Lampost

Day 22 – Horse Foal and Present

A slight miss not including a reindeer, but otherwise a cute foal.

Day 23 – Sleigh

R12 Motor – Reindeers getting re-charged.

Day 24 – Santa with Carrot

All I wished for Christmas was a…. carrot?

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Don’t forget to check out our giveaway so you could win your favourite LEGO Advent Calendar! Click here to enter!
If you don’t want to chance it, you can also get the City Advent calendar now for only $39.99 down from the RRP of $59!


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