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Our Minifig Display Wall

Recently we came across an awesome minifig display wall concept so decided to build our own. User AJ’sraceway created a hexagon 3D printable modular unit that can be expanded to any size you want. In even better news, he posted the the STL files on Thingiverse so you can print your own. We have quite a few minifigs so we modified his great design to allow printing 3, 6 or 9 hexagons at once. Follow the link to download the files to print yourself.

We printed ours at 20% infill and layer height of 0.2mm and no supports. With 175 hexagons, the total print time was around 490 hours or a little over 20 days 24×7 for those playing at home.

For us, we loved the experience and think the end result looks fantastic. AJ’sraceway has just released an updated double hex for tall minifig’s so we’ll have to give that a go next. You can click through to high res images of our minifigs below the video.

Since the original post, we’ve been printing even more and the bigger it gets, the better it looks!

If you give it a go, we’d love to hear from you!
Download the STL files here.

It’s slowly growing and growing… 🙂
Now – even bigger! (October 2022). Click the image for the full res pic.

Left High Res
Middle High Res
Right High Res

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