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At long last Perth has finally getting an official LEGO store. Since the moment we heard, we have been super excited!
Fortunately we managed to get a sneak peak of the store before tomorrows official opening. It’s difficult to overstate how excited we’ve been for the past week.

The shop is located at Karrinyup Shopping Centre – a recently completely refurbished centre. As we walked in the door, our immediate impression was a really spacious store with the iconic LEGO colours in a soothing palette. The store entry also has an amazing Perth mosaic featuring the city skyline in all its glory.

Around the story there are various sets grouped into their respective themes with many sets built in real life.

Excitingly this store is the first store set up with this brand-new layout. One great example of the new setup was the pick a brick wall. Historically this is a yellow wall with holes in it so you can grab the pieces. The new approach has see through brick buckets which are much easier to access and see what’s available.

The pic a brick wall was really popular, almost as popular as the create your own minifig section which was going gangbusters.

Unique to Perth was the quokka build which had the quokka taking a selfie or a girl taking a selfie with a Quokka. Epic!

Another great build was the full size rocket man which is remarkably close the his Minifig counterpart.

Around the store there was a variety of sets built with a movable magnifying glass to zoom in on the sets intricate details . It’s a cool feature for sure.

If you head to the Lego store you’re no doubt going to end up with a lighter wallet! Luckily there are many checkouts for a quick purchasing experience. At the moment if you purchase $200 in a single transaction you get a limited-edition Lego store set. We think this might be the last limited edition Lego store set on offer so get in quick.

In any retail environment dealing with the customers is a critical part of the shopping experience. Everyone we met was really friendly and great to deal with and we were all super jealous that they’re working for Lego.

This isn’t one of the staff, but we we’re so excited to be in the store we forgot to get a pick with them. It’s a great excuse for you to head to the store yourself!

Oscar: It’s been like waiting for Christmas since dad told me we are going to the Lego store opening a day early. I was super excited when we got there. It was amazing to see all of the sets and especially the pick a brick wall. I was looking forward it to all week so I could stock up supplies for my Minecraft world MOC. It was really cool building some custom minifigs.
I rate the LEGO store a 9/10. To tip it over to 10/10, I would like a little more Minecraft and some more brown bricks on the pick-a-brick wall. I am so glad we now have our very own dedicated store here in Perth and can’t wait till I can get a job in the store too!

Adam: I know as an adult, I shouldn’t be as excited as a child for the opening of a retail outlet. However, I’m guilty as charged your honour! I’ve been super pumped since the WA Brick Society posted the opportunity for its members! A special thanks to the group, to LEGO and AG LEGO Certified Stores Australia for bringing us the first of hopefully many stores to WA. For me, it’s an 11/10, especially when I consider it’s a great form of weight loss (for my wallet)



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