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Pigsy’s Food Truck Review (80009)

Like many of you, we love heading to the local event if the food trucks are out. We’re fortunate that there are some great food trucks here in Perth. It’s a great way to get a feed and avoid the washing up! But we’ve never looked closely at them to see if it’s just a front for other secret activities. After building Pigsy’s Food Truck, that will have to change. The Monkie Kid series doesn’t appear to have received too much love here in AU, but we love it. It’s wacky, fun to build and has some great characters. Pigsy’s Food truck is a combo food truck and undercover war machine all in one.

With only 832 pieces, it seems like the set cost per piece is quite high, however you can quickly see that many of the pieces are actually quite large to balance the ledger. The build of the main chassis is quite a quick affair without too much difficulty. The set is targeted at 8 years and over, so I just squeak in. The front looks fantastic and a lot like a Cadillac. The sausage emblem tops it off nicely.

As we start to build the interior we can really see the inner workings of the spy truck. The ability to flip the workbench in the centre to expose the command console is just the start of the cool spy elements. It’s no secret I’m not a fan of stickers, but in this case they were quite varied and set appropriate. The steamed bun cooker is the highlight of this part of the build. Great use of parts and looks superb. I’m not too sure about the golden frog, but hey, I’m not judging you chef!

The balance of the interior of the foodtruck adds some more exciting spy tech including the drop down radar and the weapons fridge. Clearly Pigsy needs to be prepared for anything. All of this can also be hidden away when the danger level is low.

We finish off the truck body with addition of an adjustable spike set to clear the path. In case they can’t see it coming, we also fit out two high power spotlights and flashing lights to clear out the traffic. As you can see on the wheels, there are also spikes to deter the baddies. It’s great fun to play with and has a tonne of swooshability.

The food truck comes with 5 fantastic minifigs as well as two motorbikes for the baddies. No doubt you imagine the scene playing out like a movie as the fight takes place. Pigsy and Monkie Kid are the highlights for me with Pigsy’s game face on point. Uncle Qiao has two face prints, with his mouth full of hotdog a great print.

The Bull Clone bikes are a great addition as are the Snort and Grunt. The helmets combined with the transparent orange heads create for a menacing look. The grappling iron on the back of the bike adds to the danger they bring to the chase.

We finish the build with the pinnacle of the set. Both literally and figuratively – The Gatling Gun roof top mounted pig. This hard core weapon really shoots. By twisting the pigs rump all 6 red projectiles shoot off with speed. It is awesome! A little less awesome trying to find them again, but still.

Overall Thoughts

Everything about this truck is exactly as you imagined a spy truck should be. Spikes, spy gadgets, weapons and explosions. Ok, not explosions, but I’m sure that will result from the fighting to take place.

5 great minifigs and plenty of swooshability makes this set one we’d happily recommend to all LEGO fans. At a price of $99.99 it’s reasonable value, but you can also often find Monkie Kid on sale. When it is, then this set is a great buy and lots of fun for 8 to 40 something year olds! It’s retired now though, so get it while you still can!

Set: Pigsy’s Food Truck
Theme: Monkie Kid
Set #: 80009
Number of Minifigs: 5
Number of Pieces: 832
RRP: $99.99

Overall: 84%

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