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Seinfeld Review (21328)

Following on from our past reviews of the Friends Apartments, we’re building the Seinfeld set today. The size and price of this set is just about right with 1326 pieces, a $129.99 retail price and 5 minifigs included. It’s a lot more accessible for most and is closer to the Friends Central Perk set than it is to the Friends Apartments.

Broken into 9 packs, we start with Jerry and his standup stage. It’s the only part of the set that’s separate from the main apartment. To me it feels like Jerry is a little understated, but reflecting back on the show, it’s pretty much exactly how he was for the whole 9 seasons. I can hear almost Jerry saying “I mean, what’s up with that” as I wrote the line.

We then move onto the main base of the apartment – the wooden floorboards. As can be seen, it’s a slow start with not much of interest other than the main mat. For whatever reason, this part seemed to take an age to complete and was not particularly interesting. It doesn’t look complex as I write this, so maybe I just needed more coffee?

Once we get the walls up, we’re starting to cook with gas with amusing wall hangings, a comprehensive (albeit tiny) office and a bike hanging rack in the foyer. The designers César, Crystal and Madison have really met the brief with the design. Already we can see how close to the real apartment the set is. The 1 x 2 Grill brick creates a texture mirroring the wallpaper nicely.

Progressing to the kitchen adds more flair to the build. It’s one of the rare times that we feel stickers completely make sense. For fans of the show, the inclusion of the Superman magnet on the fridge is great. The use of the various coloured plates also creates a fantastic effect for the cupboard. So too does the towel holder above the sink.

Adding the couch, coffee table, side drawers and dining table puts the finishing touches to the set. By this stage, the designers have crammed quite a lot into the set with many easter eggs fans of the show will love. More tiles are used for the smaller bookshelf. It’s a simple but pleasing technique to add a bit of colour to the set. The final step is the addition of the set lighting with four removable spot lights.

The set includes 5 key characters that bring most episodes to life. Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, George and Newman. Each have accessories that tie back to hilarious parts in the show. Our favourite – Elaine’s goldfish in the bag. All of the torso prints are also on point with Kramer and Newman absolutely unmistakable. The facial expressions of George and Newman are almost perfect. You can feel the disgust, mischief and anger! The minfig heads are printed with two expressions for your choosing.

The rear of each minfig is pretty plain with the only standout being George’s hoody print.

Overall Thoughts

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, this set will give you a lot of laughs. It’s priced pretty well and steered away from going overboard like the Friends Apartments. If not a Sienfeld fan, then its’ still a nice build, but not really with anything that would draw you quickly to the set.

The included minifigs are a great selection. I would have loved to see the Soup Nazi included. He wasn’t an absolutely key character in the show, but really was iconic.

It’s a relatively quick build, but one with a lot of details and something we enjoyed building.

Overall: 76%
Set: Seinfeld
Theme: Ideas
Set #: 21328
Number of Minifigs: 5
Number of Pieces: 1326
RRP: $129.99


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