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Shanghai Review (21039)

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing the Shanghai Skyline, another architecture set. Hope you enjoy!

As all architecture sets do this set started out with the baseplate. This was a normal one but had some transparent aqua pieces for the water which I really liked. There were also some clips in the ground which I assumed were for sticking the towers on. A nice start to the build.

The next part built was the Chenghuang Miao Temple as well as the Longhua Temple and Pagoda. These were pretty small and it would’ve been better if we could’ve seen more features to build them. If you didn’t know it you wouldn’t have known it was a pagoda as it’s pretty small and simple.

The part next to the temples was the Bund Waterfront district area. There were 2 buildings, the customs house and the HSBC building (it’s used by another company now) These buildings unlike the temples were a bit bigger and you could see more detail in them. They were a bit boring though because the only colour was beige.

Behind the buildings was the Radisson Blu Hotel, a grey building that looked really cool. I felt like I had seen it before though, someplace in America…. The tower had a rod at the bottom which slid into the baseplate for secure connection.

After these small buildings we started playing with the big boys (Prince of Egypt reference, get it?)  The first big building was the Oriental Pearl, otherwise known as the cool looking building that everyone doesn’t know the name of. There were 3 parts at the base which could move up and down and were placed upwards to mimic the towers supports. It was a very cool building and unlike the Bund waterfront buildings it had some pink which contrasted well with the beige.

The next building was the World Financial Centre a giant blue building with an aperture at the top. This was a really nice smooth building and the interesting part about it was that when you built it it was built on the ground upwards and then stuck onto the baseplate, instead of just building straight up from the baseplate. The building was a really nice blue colour I liked.

The final and most interesting building in the skyline was the Shanghai tower. The interesting part about it was how it was built there were flexible rods stuck into the base of the tower, the outer pieces of the tower were then layered on as you can see in the picture. The building slowly wraps around and takes up a turning shape which makes it look like the real buildings. It is then capped off with some technic pieces as the top.
It was a really interesting way the designers built it. You probably don’t appreciate it as much as I do because of my sketchy explanation but it was cool. 🙂

Overall Thoughts

Overall this was a great set I really enjoyed building. I’ve never been to Shanghai, but hope to get there one day to check this out in real life!

Hope you enjoyed this review and have a good day.

Set: Shanghai
Theme: Architecture
Set #: 21039
Number of Minifigs: 0
Number of Pieces: 597
RRP: $79.99

Overall: 86%

It’s actually suprisingly large as seen by our reference Aztec Minifig!

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