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Singapore Review (21057)

Hello everyone! I am really excited to review this set as it showcases what must be one of the favourite holiday destinations of our family, Singapore! Enjoy!

Many of the kids at my school went to Bali for their first family holiday.  My family went to Singapore, and we’ve been going there ever since as it has to be one of our favourite places in the world. Even though it gave us a new definition of humid the first time we visited, it is so clean and the buildings are beautiful!

The set starts with the baseplate, as all Architecture sets do. (The number of times I have said this, I really need to find something new with some pizzaz to say.) Anyway, as explained by the instruction book, the set has the Singapore river running along it. 

The Building of No Name

On the left there is the boat quay where there are some colourful historical buildings. They were made using printed 1×1 plates with a black square painted on them. Behind it was another building which I couldn’t find the name of. It had some printed windows which was cool as well! If there was one thing I could ask LEGO, it would be to label every single building included in the set. This is a problem I found it Dubai as well, there’s some nice buildings, but they’re not named in the instruction book!

Next to the Building-of-NO-NAME lies the OCBC building. To be completely honest, the building does not look the brightest, but that’s the architect’s problem, not LEGO’s. It has some nice, printed windows too which enabled the building to really have a sense of scale. Each square printed window on the tile showed how many rooms there were inside.

One Raffles Place

Sitting right next to the OCBC building is One Raffles Place which I recall was named in honour of the man who is known as the founder of modern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles. The building has an interesting shape and the top reminded me of the Burj Khalifa as there was a balcony area where the building got thinner at the top. The Burj had this multiple time though, the Raffles place only had it once. One Raffles Place was built using tons of 2×1 transparent plates that you had to stack which wasn’t that painful to my relief . I did have Burj Khalifa flashbacks of gazillions of 1x1s.

Before we move onto the Marina Bay Sands I want to cover a few things that are in front of it. Firstly, there is the Lau Pa Sat, which is a historic octagon shaped building that is now used as a market selling cuisine. When you built it, it has 4 pieces so it was almost like putting a pizza back together.

Almost like siblings, the market fits right with the Fullerton Hotel, which has the same orange colour and looks almost like a Greek temple. It used some of the printed windows too, the same one from the Building-of-NO-NAME which was cool as well.

The Market Gardens

Next to the 2 buildings there were one of the most famous things in Singapore, the Gardens by the Bay. They look absolutely amazing in real life AND in LEGO! The designer absolutely nailed it using the tyre rims! Big pat on the back to them. Note: These are actually the last thing built in the set but I wanted to cover them before the Marina Bay Sands ☺.

The Marina Bay Sands

Now finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting in the lobby of the Fullerton Hotel for… (haha!) The Marina Bay Sands! This thing was a monster and takes over almost the entire left side of the set! It starts with the 3 main supports and interestingly, these were plates held together by these weird pistol pieces. Regardless, they clip together nicely and the trans blue 1×4 plates look really nice! The boat on top is actually made of 3 segments which are built to look like they fit together. All in all, the ship turns out pretty well and is one of the best parts of the build!

The whole set also had some little palm trees scattered around just like Dubai, these really make the set look much more natural.

Overall Thoughts

So that’s that! Singapore has to be one of my favourite architecture sets, it’s vibrant, fun and for the most part not a pain to build! I hope you enjoyed this review and get ready for the greatest thing Zavvi has ever brought to the blog, Minecraft MARCH! Yes, we are going to have a full month of Minecraft sets being reviewed, I CAN’T WAIT!!

See ya!

Set: Singapore
Theme: Architecture
Set #: 21057
Number of Minifigs: 0
Number of Pieces: 827
RRP: $89.99

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Check them out for some great deals on LEGO sets.

Overall: 82%

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