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Stunt Competition Review (60299)

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing the LEGO City, City Stunt Competition. And oh boy, although it was a small set it is sooooo much fun.

Firstly, the box is pretty big for the amount of packets and it almost feels as if nothing is inside. There are only 2 packs and 1 instruction book! The first part you build are the minifigs. Duke DeTain (I thought he was a policeman? Why is he riding a motorbike in a stunt competition!?!) and some other lady. They could change their hair for helmets.

The motorbikes are pretty simple and only have 4 pieces. There is a base that contains a flywheel. This enables the motorbikes to move using momentum and BOY CAN THEY MOVE FAST! The more you push the motorbike the faster it goes. After the base you add another coloured frame on top as well as the handlebars. 

After the motorbikes it is onto the ramp. It has 2 unique ramp pieces that give the motorbikes some insane air time. There is also a big flaming ring for them to fly through. The circle is made by using 1 long bending pole that you insert into technic pieces to make a circle. The flames can also be knocked down when the motorbike flies through.

It is super fun playing with the bikes and they can go SUPER far! Although since they were so fast it was hard to even get them to go where you wanted too. It took us about 20 attempts to make this video of it in slo-mo going through the flaming ring!

We also created a fun game where you have to get the bikes as close to the table edge as possible. But if you go over, you are disqualified. To my amazement, on his final try my Dad managed to get it to balance with one wheel off the table to win the competition!

Overall Thoughts

Ok. I overreacted. But I hope you enjoyed this review! I highly recommend this set!
The fun really is in the competition. We have the rules set to:

First one to 10 wins wins the competition
No touching the other persons motorbike until it stops
Launch your motorbike within 3 seconds of each other
If you fall off the table, your run is disqualified

There is also a big range of different motorbike sets, so you don’t really need the flaming ring. A great fun alternative is to get three of the single stunt bike sets ($10 each at Kmart) and just race them. It’s the best fun you can have for $30 of LEGO in my opinion. If you have more than 3 people, you can buy more bikes. My favourite is the Chicken Stunt Bike! There is also a few different options for the bikes themselves with different cowlings to mix it up.

Set: Stunt Competition
Theme: City
Set #: 60299
Number of Minifigs: 2
Number of Pieces: 73
RRP: $32.99

Overall: 86%


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