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T. Rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout Review (76948)

Hey everyone, today I’m going to be reviewing the LEGO Jurassic World T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout! About a month ago I bought a LEGO Jurassic World Dominion set, but I didn’t really understand what was happening since I hadn’t seen to the movie. So after seeing the actual Jurassic World Dominion movie a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited to review this set. It recreates a pretty cool scene from the movie.

I’ll go through the minifigures first this time to make everything easier to understand. The set comes with four: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Rainn Delacourt and Soyona Santos. Owen comes with a pistol, while Soyona and Rainn both carry yellow and grey tranquiliser guns. The minifigs look a lot like their counterparts in the movie, and Rainn even has a dinosaur tattoo on his face!

The set is based off when the characters are in an underground Dino-trafficking market in Malta, dinosaurs are being sold illegally and are brought in cages. The set itself comes with two dinosaurs, a T-Rex and an atrociraptor controlled by Soyona in the movie. I don’t recall seeing the T-Rex in this place during the movie though. Maybe it was added just because T-Rex’s are cool… I mean who doesn’t want a T-Rex?

One of the coolest parts of the build is the actual truck that comes with cage for the atrociraptor to go in, it looks like a real truck that you would see in the real world. The truck has a big grill, and a dark red cabin with some lights on the top. The back of the truck is even bigger and holds a massive separate cage which can be detached. The cage has black and blue walls, and a super cool door that hinges open. It’s decorated with some stickers.

The atrociraptor stands on a sliding platform, and this platform slides in and out of the cage itself. The cage even has some 1×8 tiles which clip onto the sides to make it look like they are reinforcing the cage’s structure.

After the truck is complete you move onto the little market section and the T-Rex cage. The market has some bones and amber sitting on a table, as well as some dino eggs in a crate. The mini market itself is built on this weird triangle piece called (get ready for it…)

Reddish Brown Wedge, Plate 10 x 10 Cut Corner with no Studs in Center

OK, that was a mouthful! Anyways, built next to the market is the T-Rex cage, it’s built with tan columns. The entire market is mainly built with the tan columns, but some of the columns are also decorated with stickers. In between the columns are some red walls. Both the columns and the red walls are built on modified 2×2 tiles with studs on the edges so that if you bash your T-Rex around the walls easily break away for it to escape, which I think is a pretty cool play-feature.

The T-Rex cage and the mini market are joined by and archway that the truck can drive through and there is a red flag on top of the archway as well. Both the T-Rex cage and mini market are made to look old and run down, and I think the designs did this very well with their choice of tan and dark tan colours as well as sloped bricks to look like rocks.

And that is basically the set, except I’ve forgotten one very important thing, THE DINOSAURS! I mentioned them before, but I’ll go through them now because they are the best part of these sets (for me at least).

As mentioned, the set comes with a big T-Rex. The T-Rex comes with markings that are dark brown and dark tan on it making it look much older. Which it is in the movie. It’s actually the same T-Rex from the original Jurassic Park. If you compare this T-Rex with the T-Rex from when the Jurassic World theme started, you’d probably be able to guess which is older since the markings really do show it! Other than that it’s the same T-Rex design as all others with no new pieces. The set also comes with an Atrociraptor, which is made with one mould and a jaw piece. You can’t move the legs and arms. You can move the mouth, since the jaw clips on and can open and close. It isn’t the most playable thing, but it’s still pretty cool.

Overall Thoughts

So that’s that! For the price this set comes it is definitely not the most detailed of all sets, but it makes up for that with an awesome truck and 2 pretty cool dinosaurs. It’s got a reasonable amount of detail, especially the truck, and a few play features. Overall, I think this was a pretty great set, it has 4 minifigures and 2 dinosaurs which is epic. (I mean who doesn’t like minifigures, the more the merrier!) Thanks for reading!

Set: T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout
Theme: Jurassic World
Set #: 76948
Number of Minifigs: 4
Number of Pieces: 466
RRP: $159.99

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build.

Overall: 73%


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    1. Anything that shoots a projectile is always going to be great fun! I used to love the little canons in the pirates set.
      Thanks for the tip about brickguidebook. I’d not come across them before.

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