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The Goat Boat Review (76208)

With our extensive sample size of 2, we’ve scientifically proven that EVERY boy loves Vikings. As soon as we saw the Viking Long boat, we knew this was going to a fun build. Interestingly this will be the second Viking long boat released this year with the LEGO Creator 3in1 Viking ship also released. The Goat boat set comes in at $79.99 with 564 pieces compared to the larger 3in1 Viking ship at $179.99 and 1192 pieces. Let’s see if it’s a good entry to the world of Vikings.

The build is supported by both traditional paper based instructions and a digital version which allows for a bit more interactivity such as rotating the model as you build it. For us, we’re entirely in the camp of printed instructions. There’s some about the tactile experience and generally it’s more enjoyable to be off screens for a bit of time while enjoying our LEGO building hobby.

We start building Thor and Gorr as well as the legendary goats – Tooth-barer and Tooth-Grinder. They have a new print on the 2 x 1 curved brick which gives them a cheeky personality. It’s a nice inclusion. The construction of the goats allows them to gallop along through the use of the Bionical Mechanical arm for the legs. We’re huge fans of moulded animals but these fit the bill well.

The next part of the build is the rear of the boat. There’s nothing spectacular or innovative other than the introduction of the ornamental snakes on the rear mast. It’s not new, but if I was a Viking, I think it would be a ferocious addition to my long boat too!

Enter Mighty Thor stage left. Jane Foster wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir just as well as Thor and has actually been in the Marvel MCU for close to 60 years! We then move on to the front of the boat, which again is a relatively routine build but still looks pretty good. The use of the ninja helmet claws is a fitting NPU for the boat masthead. Be sure to book early as tickets on Asgard Tours go fast!

We have a front, and a back, so all we need now is a middle. Luckily that’s what’s next. We start with building the base which is pretty quick and then move onto the cabin.

There’s a couple of trinkets inside the cabin. The thatch like build of the roof looks the goods and can be opened for swooshability.

The final step of the core build itself is adding the shields (with associated stickers) finishes the main boat. It’s amazing how different it looks with the shields. They absolutely are the cherry on the cake and complete the vibe for the boat. To finish the build, we add the harness and our goats, and then fly off into the distance.

Overall Thoughts

Overall this was a quick but fun build and has plenty of opportunity to swoosh around the room. The $79.99 price point is not too bad for a licensed set. We enjoyed the build and the flair it brings. If you’re a fan of Thor (or boats or vikings) it’s well worth your consideration.

Set: The Goat Boat
Theme: Marvel
Set #: 76208
Number of Minifigs: 5
Number of Pieces: 564
RRP: $79.99

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Check them out for some great deals on LEGO sets.

Overall: 79%


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