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The Guardian Battle Review (21880)

Hello fans of LEGO! Today I’ll be diving down into the water of Minecraft, as I review the Guardian Battle set!

After our eagerly-awaited LEGO Minecraft shipment from Zavvi, I was super excited to dive into this set! The second I saw this set leaked on YouTube, I just knew it would be amazing. Opening the box my anticipation was proved. So much goodness came out of a tiny box!

The set begins with a minifig, axolotls and the guardians, which are the mobs which guard the Ocean Monument if you didn’t know. The minifigure is an ocean diver with a diving suit which looks pretty sweet. On his back they have a transparent build that allows the axolotls to ‘swim’ beside him. The axolotls have a custom mould and a 1×1 stud with printing for the eyes. They can be connected to the transparent build to attach to the minifigure.

There are 2 guardians in the set, but you only build 1 of them first. Using SNOT bricks you make a frame that the outside of the guardian is attached onto. Then the guardian’s protective spikes can be clipped on and poked in different directions. The guardian also has a tail that can swing left and right.

After the first guardian is finished, the Ocean Monument is built. It is only a part of the full structure from the game, but it uses some rare blue colours and I think it clearly represents the monument very well. If you were a Minecraft fan you would easily know it’s an Ocean Monument. There is also lots of colourful coral around it and some sea pickles too!

Along with the monument, a Glow Squid is also built. These creatures glow in game and the designers used a vivid, colourful print on a 2×3 tile to show this. The squid has 4 tentacles and is held up by a transparent pole.

The final part of the set is the second, larger Elder Guardian. It is built much like the other guardian just on a bigger scale and with different colours. The main differences are that the Elder Guardian has more spikes, a longer tail and a spring shooter. The coolest part is that the spring shooter is activated but moving the Elder Guardian’s tail!

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think this was an amazing set and probably is one of the best ones of the early 2022 Minecraft wave. It is packed with so many creatures and parts for a great price! Hope you enjoyed this review!

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See ya!

Set: The Guardian Battle
Theme: Minecraft
Set #: 21180
Number of Minifigs: 1
Number of Pieces: 255
RRP: $32.99

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Check them out for some great deals on LEGO sets.

Overall: 85%


12 thoughts on “The Guardian Battle Review (21880)”

  1. As a non-gamer I’ve never considered looking at the Minecraft range, but having said the same thing about Friends, I’ve realised what a huge selection of pieces are included. You’ve highlighted the big plus for me – there’s a lot of great parts for the price. And I’m loving the colours.

  2. This is great, both my boys love any and everything Minecraft and combine that with Legos and they are busy for hours.

  3. Michelle-Jo Garfield

    Thank you for your great explanations. My three children love Minecraft but even more so, MInecraft Lego! Now I understand more of what they are talking about. They would love the three axolotis but my favourite piece that you built was the Glow squid. Great work.

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