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The Red Barn Review (21187)

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing the LEGO Minecraft Red Barn, so let’s dive into it!

I’m also going to test out making a shorter review. I was looking at some of my other reviews and I always seem to make it a page long even when I’m trying to make it short haha!

As you would expect, the set starts off with the actual red barn part. Quickly into the build you already can begin to see some stuff that belongs right in a barn. There are some birch wood animal pens with opening gates, and a ladder that goes up to the next level. The barn actually opens up, so you build a bit of one side and then a bit of the other, basically alternating with each pack. The birch animal pens also have holes on both ends, so you can see the animals from both inside and outside the barn.

The other side of the barn is pretty empty but it does have a crafting table and a box for tools, along with a big exit to the area outside. There’s also a wooden pole that holds up the level above, which again, is pretty empty, but does have another one of the new game-accurate chests with some apples. The whole barn itself is made with mainly red and white coloured bricks, (I’m sure you’re thinking: “IT’S THE RED BARN OSCAR, WHAT COLOUR DID YOU THINK IT WOULD BE?”). The designers did recreate the classic barn look while also making it look nice.

On the other side of the top level of the barn, there is a few more items including a blue bed, some hay bales and a lantern. After this section is complete you move onto the iconic roof of the barn, which is made with grey bricks which slowly move inwards by a stud and increase in height until they meet in the middle to form the classic barn roof. Using the same technique there are also some white bricks on the edges of the grey for the barn outline. The same technique for the roof is repeated exactly except mirrored for the other side of the barn.

Both the top and bottom levels of the barn have some open windows, some with wooden posts and some not. The main entrance is cut directly down the middle, so that when you close the two parts of the barn together the barn comes completely together. It’s held close with a small red technic axle in the roof section and has a main opening to get in. Above this entrance there are also some nice hanging lanterns.

After completing the main barn part I thought I was done, but there’s actually a bit more to the set. The side entrance to the barn opens out to a mini sheltered stable area, which is contained inside a larger fence with a gate. Outside the gate there is an area of green grass, with a small farm that has an awesome play function. By turning an axle, you can make the potato crops fall down to look like they are not grown, then flip them up as if they just grew! Other than that, there is a few flowers and another small farm, but not much else.

BUT THERE’S ONE THING MISSING- THE MINIFIGURES! This set comes with 8 and they are all really great! I enjoyed that rhyme much more than you probably did. There’s a horse, cow, baby cow, baby zombie, and a chicken the zombie can ride on. There is also a horse and a rancher minifigure who has a stone shovel. But the two coolest figures are definitely the jungle villager and the goat. The goat is a relatively new mob to Minecraft. I think the designers nailed it with the custom head mould. It’s always good to see new villagers too. Best of all it had the new farmer hat, which makes it really look like a villager farmer from the game!

Overall Thoughts

So, that’s the whole set! Unfortunately, I somehow failed my goal again, and I still managed to get this a page haha! But this was a really great set and looks good too! Compared to most LEGO Minecraft sets, it doesn’t have too many play functions, but it can open up for playability. Plus don’t forget the flippable potato feature I mentioned before! Along with the great assortment of 8 minifigures, I think this is a solid set! Hope you enjoyed this review and I’ll see you next time!

Set: The Red Barn
Theme: Minecraft
Set #: 21187
Number of Minifigs: 8
Number of Pieces: 799
RRP: $159.99

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Check them out for great deals on LEGO sets.

Overall: 75%


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