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The White House Review (21054)

Hello Everyone! Today I’m gonna be swearing allegiance to the flag of the United States as
review the LEGO Architecture White House, straight from our amazing friends at Zavvi.

As all architecture builds do, the set started out with building the baseplate. Interestingly only the base of the main White House building was completed. I assumed from there that there would be a build in 3 seperate parts. The main part, and the 2 wings.

The build began with the main base of grey masonry bricks and supporting bricks inside. The windows were then painstakingly built using transparent 2×1 plates and 2×1 modified door rail plates. There was a layer of 1×1 plates with clips and then the second level of windows.

At the back of the house was a Greek style temple roof held up by columns. At the front was the iconic circular roof held up by more columns. This is the part you see in your typical White House photo. There are also some roads made with flat tiles. The main roof is constructed on some plates which enabled it to come off. This was probably unintentional but with some effort they can be removed. There was a nice US flag and a really cool design in having upside down 1×1 bricks as chimney stacks – I had to search these up to clarify what they were!

There was a fountain outside and some really nice trees made with some flower stems (6
stem) pieces with 1×1 leaf pieces on it. These are all over the build along with some very nice cherry blossoms outside.

The East & West Wings

After the main house was done you moved onto the East Wing, the workspace of the First
Lady and her staff. This was built much like the main house but it wasn’t as painful as most
plates were 1×2. The roof was similar as well just smaller and also had some transparent skylights in the form of 1×1 pyramid slope plates. To connect the East Wing to the White House the building stretched out with a 1 stud overhang to connect nicely to the one stud left on the sides of the main White House.

After this we moved onto the final part of the build. The West Wing which houses the Oval
Office and the offices of the President himself. This build was much the same except the
roof was longer and there was also a little overhang on the side where cars would go under
to stop and let their occupants enter. (this was shown by a road going under it.)

The last thing I’m going to talk about is the trees. These were one of my favourite parts of
the build as they really added something to it. There were 2 big trees, 2 small ones and 2
cherry blossom trees.

Overall Thoughts

So that my fellow Americans is the LEGO Architecture White House. (I’m not American haha I’m just trying to imitate the President). Overall this looks amazing, but the main issue was the tedious nature of some of the build techniques. This is a regular part of architecture sets though and I understand that. Otherwise I would definitely recommend this set and I enjoyed it!

A special thanks to our friends at Zavvi who supplied this set for us to build. Check them out for some great deals on LEGO sets.

Set: The White House
Theme: 21054
Set #: 76240
Number of Minifigs: 0
Number of Pieces: 1483
RRP: $149.99

Overall: 78%

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