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Titanic Review (10294)

Oscar has loved everything about the Titanic since he was 4. As a result, we’ve got a wide variety of Titanic models. From cast iron micro scale with a real piece of the ship inside, to smaller MOC’s of the Queen of the Sea. When we first saw the new LEGO model at the Bricktober event, we couldn’t believe the scale and details. You don’t need to read to the end of the review to realise it is unbelievably epic!

The set itself is Titanic in every aspect – the piece count (9090), the price ($999.99) and the sheer scale (1 Oscar Wingspan). We were very lucky to have won the set in a raffle – it was the best $60 we’ve ever spent!! Opening the box presents you with three more boxes – a babushka doll like delight.
I should have taken a picture, but we were a little excited. We do have a video of the opening on our instagram if you’re keen for the grand unveil. Each box has it’s own instructions so Oscar and I were able to get cracking together. It’s a huge build and took both of us around 12 hours each overall.

The build starts with the bow (front) of the ship, and although no minifigs are included in the set, we needed a captain to keep watch. Enter Captain Smith, swiftly taken from other duties to oversee the work. The scale of the build becomes apparent almost immediately.

Throughout the instructions there are quite a few interesting facts shown. Like many sets there is also a fair amount of detail at the start including the history of the Titanic and info about the design team. It’s a great way to deeply engage with set throughout the build. By building both ends of the ship at the same time, Oscar and I would be remiss not to take a pic of “Tiny-anic”.

As the build progresses, there are a few areas where it’s highly repetitive and a little tedious. The port holes are the main example. Oscar mentioned I choose the right end of the ship to build to avoid buildling the port holes at least 53.5 times. In fairness to him, I also laughed at his pain 53.5 times too! However, whilst this is tedious, you just keep looking at the build taking shape and remain in absolute awe.

Even if the set was only the cut-away shown below, it would be a solid buy (obviously at an adjusted price). The level of detail is fantastic including the engines that can be removed and drive the propellers.

Making up for the repetitive nature of building the portholes many of the deck elements. They are build separately and then pushed into place for a friction fit. The click as they slide into place is fantastically satisfying. Think popping bubble wrap x 100.

Quite a few new pieces are used within the set. There is also a great little easter egg for the ex-designer Tiago Catarino who initially conceived of the set. The element is not new having been included in the Haunted House set (another ripper set!).

The engine and working propeller system was fun to build. The use of the barrels as pistons was a great NPU. The Titanic in it’s full glory had 46,000 horsepower with 159 coal furnaces. I’d hate to have to buy Carbon offsets to make this a green mode of transport, but for it’s time it was a huge powerhouse!

As the set comes to life, each of the three main sections is built with two components – so six in total. Once constructed however, the set can easily be separated into the three main parts. The mechanism used is quite robust so you can easily transport the ship without it falling apart if need be.

You can also see the level of detail is exquisite with the lifeboats, funnels and other deck mounted elements.

The set is completed with the “wooden” stand for the ship and a Titanic nameplate. The nameplate uses the same keys from the Typewriter set and finishes it off nicely. It would have been great to get Captain Smith included, even though he’s clearly a giant in terms of scale relative to the set.

Overall Thoughts

It’s impossible not to completely love the Titanic. The set is stupendous and consistently awes each time you look at it, even long after the build. Although there were a few very minor tedious parts, and no minifigs, we highly recommend the set. It’s not cheap, but is worth every penny. We would have saved up to get the set had we not been lucky enough to win the raffle.
It will keep you busy building for ages and it’s a great build you can do with someone else (just make sure you give them the portholes).

Stock is currently in short supply, but the LEGO online store is your best bet to keep en eye out.

Set: Titanic
Theme: Creator Expert
Set #: 10294
Number of Minifigs: 0
Number of Pieces: 9090
RRP: $999.99

Overall: 99%

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