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Wildlife Rescue Operation Review (60302)

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t done a review in a while but I am back! Today I’ll be
reviewing the LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Operation set. It was a really nice set and I
thoroughly enjoying building it.

The packs of the set were mainly making lots of little things instead of one giant thing
slowly. The first pack started off with making the medical tent/centre where there
was a nice vet with some really cool printing on their torso. There was a microscope,
egg incubator and drawers. Immediately after building this I felt relaxed and this
would stay throughout the build, it was so simple and enjoyable. A very good start to
the build.

But the main part of this pack, and probably one of the main reasons I wanted to build
this set, was the elephant. If you don’t know, LEGO has not made an elephant in a
LONGGGGGGGGGGG time. (2008 to be exact, if you don’t count the weird LEGO
friends blue one that came out last year) So I was really pumped to get my hands on
the elephant, it’s head could move and my only disappointment was that the trunk
could not move much.

The next pack moved onto the actual landscape part of the build. It was pretty good
and came with a falling tree mechanism + rocks, but the main thing I liked was the
green bush pieces. We don’t have many of them and they are really good at adding
some detail when I am making jungles and things like that. It also came with a
crocodile and a baby elephant.

The 3rd pack made the truck with treads and a chain. I assume the purpose of this was to
move the rocks, but when I played with the set I much preferred just to drive over everything
with the caterpillar treads. It moved pretty fast and the treads didn’t get stuck which was
good. It also had a box at the back which I put one of the loose minifigs from the set inside.

The final 2 packs of the set made the helicopter, which was pretty cool, the only problem
being that we have more helicopters in our collection than the grains of sand on a beach. It
was mainly the same design as most helicopters, with a hook and string that could lift the tree and a opening at the back with a ramp. The rotors spin really nicely, but sometimes
bumped the back propeller.

Overall Thoughts

Overall this was a really great set and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a super satisfying build
and you got some really good parts from it. Hope you enjoyed this review!

Swooshability: 8.5
Build enjoyment: 9.5
Displayability: 6.5
Check this out moments: 7
Value for money: 8

Set: Wildlife Rescue Operation
Theme: City
Set #: 60302
Number of Minifigs: 2 + Many animals
Number of Pieces: 525
RRP: $159.99

Overall: 79%

Adam really liked the monkey’s bandage. It fits perfectly with the wildlife rescue theme!

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