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Win LEGO with ZAVVI’s Birthday Celebrations!

On the 18th of August, it’s Zavvi’s birthday and to celebrate their huge Birthday sale, they are giving away two awesome sets with Casa de Bricks! The sale will run from the 18th to 22nd of August and we’ll be giving away the LEGO City Express Passenger train on the 18th and the LEGO City Lunar Research Base on the 22nd!

How to win these awesome prizes from our friends at Zavvi?

8 thoughts on “Win LEGO with ZAVVI’s Birthday Celebrations!”

  1. LEGO is a Timeless Classic.. Creating kids with Boarderless.. Fantastical.. Imaginations.. Limitless in Construction and Design!

  2. LEGO City: Express Passenger Train Toy RC Lights Set (60337) looks awesome, would definitely provide many hours of fun for all the family

  3. Especially love the express train.
    Never too old to play lego. I still enjoy it with my daughter and without her too😅.

  4. Wow, our 17 year old daughter has been loving Lego for years but really loves the Harry Potter and Star Wars sets they’re brilliant.

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