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Motorised Lighthouse Coming Soon (21335)

The Motorised LEGO lighthouse is now official and it looks epic! Originally submitted as part of the LEGO ideas process by Roses Must Build, the team have changed the scale from microfig to minifig. From the looks of the preview images, this was a great move. The change boosts the playability without losing any of the feel of the set.

At $469.99AUD with 2065 pieces, it’s not cheap on a cost per parts basis, however there are quite a few large parts. In addition there is also a battery pack, motor and lights including a new Fresnel lens to mimic a real lighthouse. Considering this, I think it’s going to be an amazing display set.

Available on the 1st September, it’s sure to be a snapped up by LEGO fans across the globe. It’s sure to go on our very expansive wish list!

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