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PERTHLUG LEGO XMAS Drive (Brickmas!)

It’s no surprise that we absolutely love LEGO. Perhaps paradoxically there’s one thing we love each year more than getting LEGO. Giving it away! Each year the members of PerthLUG get together and donate LEGO to those in need.

We’re really fortunate to be in the position we are. Imagining the joy on the faces of teens and young adults getting a new LEGO set while going through such a tough time they is immense. The recipients each year are really worthy charities with this year’s collection going to Canteen. Canteen is a fantastic not for profit charity that helps those with cancer between the ages of 12-25.

The Casa de Bricks 2022 Donation – Yes Mrs Casa de Bricks was offended I didn’t decorate the tree for the photo! 🙂

Over the years, the following fantastic charities have been supported.
2015 – Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
2016 – Fiona Stanley Hospital
2017 – Canteen
2018 – Canteen
2019 – Perth Childrens Hospital
2020 – Unfortunately suspended due to Covid
2021 – Starlight Foundation
2022 – Canteen

Sounds great – can I help?

Absolutely. Anyone can support this great cause if you live in Perth. If you’d like to get a little retail therapy as well as help the teens and young adults, there’s still plenty of opportunity! Collections are continuing until early December.

In order to get the best bang for your charity buck, it’s recommended that you stick to the cheaper sets in the $15-$30 range as they are easier to distribute, easier to play with on the hospital beds and still have the LEGO magic! Even a single set makes a difference, but if you’d like to splurge, then more sets is better than larger sets to share the love. All sets need to be brand new and un-opened as some of the recipients may be immunocompromised.

Keep an eye on your favourite retailer as you can often grab great bargains of between 20% and 40% off to get slightly larger sets for the same cost. Given the target recipients age bracket, perhaps just hold off on the Duplo this year. Sets from 12+ are a great range to focus on.

Where can I drop them off?

There’s a few available collection points. My favourite is the Buildapalooza events that occur the second Monday of every month in South Perth. Not only do you get to hang out with a lot of cool people, you can also win even more LEGO. Check out the overview we’ve posted before for the down low.
You can also donate in Mandurah or Thornlie. For these locations, get in touch with the Perthlug team via the contact us page of their site.

If you’re still on the fence, give it a try with a single $20 set. You’ll quickly find it super rewarding!
Thanks in advance for your support!

The 2021 Casa de Bricks Donations
Richie’s donation from 2021 to the Starlight foundation

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