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Our reviews follow a pretty simple grading approach as you’ll see below.

Swooshability: Can you play with the model and have fun doing so. Do you “Zoom” it through the air if it’s a plane (or superman)?
Build Enjoyment: Did we have fun building it? Was there lot’s of variation in parts or a lot of the same?
Displayability: Does it look cool once built and would be something that gives you a smile every time you look at it?
Check this out moments: Is there something in the model that we call each other over to check out? If so, that’s a Check this out moment.
Value for money: Do we feel like you get great bang for your buck with the particular set?
Minfig inclusions: We love minifigs. Does the set have unique, exciting or lots of minifigs?

Ratings Guide

91-100: Why are you still reading this? Go and buy this set right now!
81-90: An excellent set well worth the splurge.
71-80: You’ll smile each time you look at this set. Go on, YOLO!
61-70: A nice LEGO set that’s well worth thinking about.
51-60: If you are fan of this particular series, check this set out.
31-50: If you are really, really out of options, this might be the set to get.
0-30 : What went wrong at LEGO HQ that day?

Set IDThemeSet NameReview DateRatingSet Image
43179DisneyMickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters (43179)10/24/202190%
42116TechnicSkid Steer Loader (42116)10/16/202160%
10295Creator ExpertPorsche 91110/10/202188%
10185ModularsCreator Modular Green Grocer 10/04/202194%
76904Speed ChampionsMopar Dodge Dragster & Dodge Challenger09/28/202182%
76182BatmanBatman Cowl (76182)09/17/202169%
76192MarvelAvengers: Endgame Final Battle 09/13/202171%
76902Speed ChampionsMcLaren Elva09/05/202166%
76898Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 car & Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY08/20/202170%
76153MarvelAvengers Helicarrier08/08/202179%
76158BatmanBatboat the Penguin Pursuit07/27/202180%
76159BatmanBatman Jokers Trike Chase07/12/202178%
10211ModularsGrand Emporium07/07/202185%
41253TrollsLonesome Flats Raft Adventure07/04/202175%
60300CityWildlife Rescue ATV06/21/202170%
60304CityRoad Plates06/13/202162%
21325IdeasMedieval Blacksmith06/07/202195%
71030MinifigsLooney Tunes06/04/202170%
60233CityDonut Shop Opening06/01/202175%
30550PolybagEaster Bunny05/26/202155%
42121TechnicHeavy Duty Excavator05/23/202165%