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  • Series 24 Minifigs Coming Soon
    Are minifigs a theme? If so, they’re one of our favourite themes. We absolutely get great joy in checking each unique character and their accessories. Series 24 has just been announced and it looks amazing! From the overview above, we can’t see any that wouldn’t be an immediate buy! Coming on the 1st January 2023, it’s a perfect way to kick off the new year. Check… Read More »Series 24 Minifigs Coming Soon
  • Minifigapalooza 2022 – Buy and Sell This Sunday
    If you’re reading this blog, you must love LEGO like us. If that’s true and you live in Perth, then this Sunday is a day not to miss. The Perth LUG (Lego Users Group) are holding their next Minifigapalooza Buy and Sell day. It’s a great event that runs from 2pm to 5pm and has a massive range of LEGO for sale. There’s new sets, old… Read More »Minifigapalooza 2022 – Buy and Sell This Sunday
  • Eiffel Tower Coming Soon (10307)
    With a towering height of 149cm’s (or 4’8″ in the old money), and a equally towering price of $999 Aussie dollars the Eiffel Tower has been announced! Available on the 25th November, the set looks striking, but I’m not sure about the level of enjoyment in the build noting pure iron is just one colour after all. Notwithstanding, it certainly looks to be an epic set… Read More »Eiffel Tower Coming Soon (10307)
  • The Red Barn Review (21187)
    Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing the LEGO Minecraft Red Barn, so let’s dive into it! I’m also going to test out making a shorter review. I was looking at some of my other reviews and I always seem to make it a page long even when I’m trying to make it short haha! As you would expect, the set starts off with the actual… Read More »The Red Barn Review (21187)
  • Back to the Future Time Machine Review (10300)
    If you grew up in the 80’s or are a fan of vehicles, you will know of the DMC DeLorean. It’s a perfect match for the LEGO Icons series as it’s, without a doubt, an automotive icon! With the gull wing doors and brushed stainless steel panels, it was to have many advanced features for it’s time. Alas, the DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt after just… Read More »Back to the Future Time Machine Review (10300)
  • Great Pyramid of Giza Review (21058)
    An architecture set for $229.99! Are the LEGO group smoking the Egyption hashish? Or does this set walk like an Egyptian into the must buy category? Read on to find out. Normally Oscar builds a lot of the architecture sets as he loves world history. As major landmarks, they tie in pretty well with this theme. However, with some other pressing activities, I was able to… Read More »Great Pyramid of Giza Review (21058)

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